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Direct response television advertising (DRTV) is an alternative form of TV advertising that is the biggest driver of increased sales and brand growth. It encourages a customer to directly engage with an offer by driving them to phone, visit a website, press a button or shop in-store.

More than six in ten online Australians act as a result of an ad seen on TV, making TV the most powerful advertising platform to drive consumer response and purchase.

We specialise in several DRTV advertising solutions to suit varying business needs:

Short-Form DRTV

What is Short-Form DRTV?

We create and place short-form DRTV advertisements. We offer short-form DRTV marketing in the form of 15, 30, 60 or 120-second ads.

Why Short-Form DRTV works?
Short-form DRTV is effective for introducing and selling new or innovative products, generating leads, and building brands. Short-form DRTV campaigns are also a more cost-effective entry into the world of TV because they are less expensive to produce and cost less to place and test.

Short-form ads work exceptionally well for product and service-based businesses that require explanation and a call to action in less than two minutes. They also work well in tandem with a mix of ad durations and different formats.

Long-Form DRTV

What is Long-Form DRTV?

Long-form DRTV (also known as an infomercial) is a 30 minute TV program featuring a call to action to drive viewers to act. This type of TV spot works exceptionally well for products that require demonstration or to educate viewers. Long-form DRTV formats convey all information required for viewers to make an informed purchase/ action.

Why Long-Form DRTV works?

Long-form DRTV is best for selling products or services that require more information, demonstration, and context. They work well for products or services with a higher price point and more features that need to be communicated.

This format allows a business to communicate benefits and features of their product or service and builds brand credibility through demonstrations, research, reviews and testimonials.


Benefits of DRTV advertising

DRTV advertising is unique to traditional advertising. It is highly targeted, measurable and accountable – its success is easy to measure and track immediately. This helps businesses to make educated decisions on where and how to allocate media spend in real-time all while making sales.

The reality is that the media mix in Australia is fragmented. Consumers typically use multiple devices and consume radio, digital, print, out-of-home and TV media simultaneously.

With multiple channel consumer touchpoints, TV advertising in Australia remains the best way to reach a mass audience and increases the success of marketing efforts across other channels.

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